Kikkan mania continues at Kincaid Park

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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) - Ski enthusiasts got a chance to rub shoulders with Kikkan Randall and other Alaskan Olympians, including Sadie and Erik Bjornsen at Kincaid Park on Friday.

“It’s really fun to get back here and see how excited everybody is,” said Randall.

The event had an obstacle course, a station to get your hair dyed pink and fresh tracks for everyone to enjoy on a beautiful spring day in Alaska.

“Selfishly, I’m looking forward to playing on my skis today,” said Randall jokingly.

This excitement and community involvement in skiing is what attracted Erik and Sadie Bjornsen, siblings from Washington, eight years ago.

“I showed up to a high school race. I could not believe all the school buses unloading people,” said Erik Bjornsen. Both Erik and Sadie say Anchorage’s commitment to the sport is the reason they moved to Alaska.

“It’s so unique how invested this community is in our success,” said Sadie Bjornsen.

Skiing with Alaskan Olympians offered a chance to get young kids involved with the sport, plus a chance to meet some of their heroes.

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