MHA girls hockey team reveals new name and logo

EAGLE RIVER (KTUU) It's official. The Mustang Hockey Association girls hockey team will be known at the Alaska Wild on the ice next season.


The winning logo and name were designed by Justin Dong, an art director based in Los Angeles. Some of his clients include ESPN, Netflix and Pepsi.

Dong was asked to participate in the rebrand by his niece, Roxie Merrick, a player on the team.

The logo shows an arctic fox, with a hockey stick becoming the tail.

The girls are overjoyed to have a team name and logo all their own.

"It shows that girls can be just as strong as boys," 8-year-old Alder Niederer said with a grin.

For Roxie, its about everyone coming together as a team.

"It's about girls coming together and sharing their accomplishments as a team," Roxie said with a grin.

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