Memorial for former South High student Sladen Mohl held in California

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — From South Anchorage to Southern California, friends, teammates, and coaches remembered Girdwood’s Sladen Mohl on Monday.

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Mohl’s El Camino college baseball team held a memorial for the 19-year-old who was struck and killed last Thursday in Torrance, CA a suburb of Los Angeles, by a 16-year-old suspected of driving under the influence.

“Many times, Sladen would get to first base, and we would wait to give a sign,” said El Camino College head coach Nathan Fernley. “Sladen was talking to the first baseman. Not just a 'Hey good job,' but he was seriously talking to the first baseman.”

His former teammates praised his character, and shared their favorite memories of Mohl.

“Many times Sladen was talking to the umpire rather than getting signs,” Fernlay said, recalling light-heartedness. “Sladen, this is great, I know you’re probably trying to ask the umpire out to lunch. Could you just get the sign before you do?”

An area pastor referred to as “Uncle Don” spoke about Mohl’s desire to have his teammates join him at church. Whether they were just getting to know Mohl at college, or for those who knew Sladen since Little League, Mohl had three major priorities in his life — faith, family and baseball.

“He was the guy we all went to when times were tough,” said former South High teammate Parker Johnson over the phone Monday. “Our friend group was defined by character.”

A GoFundMe created by Fernlay on behalf of Mohl’s mother Kelly Holter is raising money to bring Sladen back home to Alaska. As of Monday night, the campaign has raised $47,000 of the $30,000 goal.

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