"Mom's on the Mats" inspiring to upcoming female wrestlers

Wasilla (KTUU) If you went to the Alaska State USA wrestling tournament, you saw what you would expect at a wrestling tournament: hundreds of young wrestlers all trying to prove themselves as the best in their sport.

You also saw something you didn't expect: moms wrestling.

This year, Mom's on the Mats was a feature at the tournament, as a way to showcase to upcoming female wrestlers just what women in sports can do.

It also showed these mom's just how hard their kids work at the sport they love.

"It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. It's exhausting. 30 seconds and I was like... I can't believe there's five and a half minutes," mom Whitney Bonin said after her victory on the mats.

Her fellow mother Joy Glynn agrees. But she said it was so much fun to have her son teach her some moves.

"It was exciting it was really neat for him to show us moves and to actually work the moves on him," Glynn said with a grin. "And then to work moves on each other and help us tweak where our good points are and where our bad points are."

The even also raised 5,000 dollars for the Team Alaska Wrestling Girls National Team.