Moore leads Yukon Quest at Central Checkpoint

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska – Sunday afternoon Yukon Quest veteran Allen Moore was the first musher into the Central Checkpoint.

"They're happy with it! I'm a little chilled right now, because I'm soaking wet," said Moore at the checkpoint.

With the temperature at 20 below, Moore decided to take advantage of the ideal conditions and blow through the central checkpoint. As for Super Bowl Sunday?

"People think we're out here and it's cold and shouldn't we be inside on our couches watching the Super Bowl? But for us, this is our Super Bowl," said Musher Hugh Neff.

But as there are four quarters in a Super Bowl, there's a lot of race left to run."You're just traveling the first four or five days. Getting to Dawson, having a good time,” said Neff.

Allen Moore remains in the lead at Mile 191 Sunday night heading towards the Circle Checkpoint.

Mike Ellis was the first musher to scratch at Mile 101, saying his decision was made for the health and well-being of his team.

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