49 from the 49th: Record number of Alaska baseball players on college rosters

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) — A record number of Alaska baseball players are on college rosters this spring. The 49 players from the 49th state is the most in the state's history according to Alaska American Legion's Van Williams research.

The previous highest count of college baseball players from Alaska is believed to be close to 30 players.

Not having a college baseball program in Alaska hasn't seemed to deter players from finding their way onto college rosters.

American Legion attributes the jump in numbers to more opportunities to play year-round in indoor facilities, college coaches clinics, and bringing teams from out of state to play in tournaments like the BP Invitational Alaska.

2019 College Baseball Players from Alaska

Willy Homza South HS/ South Post 4/ Brown (RI)
Nolan Monaghan Wasilla HS/Wasilla Post 35/ Austin Peay (TN)
Dalton Chapman West Anchorage HS/West Post 1/Everett CC/Grand Canyon (AZ)
Joe Fitka Anchorage/Dimond HS Dimond Post 21/ Chicago State (IL)
Nathan Bonck Ketchikan HS/Ketchikan Post 3/Seattle (WA)
Ben Ross Colony HS/Wasilla Post 35/Blue Mountain CC/ Corban (OR)
Jaren Childs Service HS/Service Post28/ Corban (OR)
Jimmy McGovern Grace Christian HS /South Post 4/ Corban (OR)
Lian Lincoln South HS/South Post 4/ Macalester (MN)
Phillip Wall Thunder Mountain HS/Juneau Post 25/ Northwestern (MN)
Parker Johnson South HS /South Post 4/Indiana Wesleyan (IN)
Devan Elson Houston HS Hawaii Hilo (HI)
Michael Cesar Juneau HS/Juneau Post 25 / Pacific Lutheran (WA)
Matt Kley South HS/South Post 4/ Bemidji State (MN)
Gaten Davis EastHS/East Post 34/ Dean College (MA)
Stephen Trujillo Lathrop HS/North Pole Post 30/ Dean College (MA)
Max Costello South HS/South Post 4/ Dallas (TX)
Christian Frederick Eagle River ALB/ HS/Finlandia (MI)
Tom Bowe Homer HS Plattsburgh State (NY)
Paul Steffenson Kenai HS/Kenai Post 20/ Mesa (AZ)
Raleigh Pigg Service HS/Service Post28/ Feather River (CA)
Erickson Fish Sitka HS Hope International (CA)
Tommy Koloski South HS/South Post 4/Phoenix (AZ)
Nathan Klein Juneau HS/Juneau Post 25/ Lewis & Clark (OR)
Cobey Cupp Service HS/Service Post 28/ Dawson (MT)
Taylon Ottinger Wasilla HS/Wasilla Post 35/ Dawson (MT)
Dylan Montagna Dimond HS/Dimond Post 21/Hibbing (MN)
Jake Andresen Dimond HS/Dimond Post21/ Mesa (AZ)
Zach Haning Anchor Point Colorado Christian (CO)
Cody Curfman ChugiakHS/Chugiak Post 33/ Northern State (SD)
Bryce Swofford Juneau HS/Juneau Post 25/ Gateway (AZ)
Casey Hendricks Ketchikan HS/Ketchikan Post3/ Buena Vista (IA)
Matt Palmer Colony HS/ Waldorf (IA)
Zach Schmidt Bartlett HS/Bartlett Post 29/Science and Arts of Oklahoma (OK)
Joseph Ryan Home School/Palmer Post 15 LeTourneau (TX)
Garrett Butcher Homer Presentation (SD)
Luke Giffen South HS/Service Post 28 Washington & Jefferson (PA)
Sladen Mohl South HS/South Post 4/ El Camino (CA)
Cody Leslie South HS/South Post 4/ Vermilion Community College (MN)
Anthony Maldonado South HS/South Post 4/ Yuba College (CA)
Hank Boyer Wasilla HS/Wasilla Post 35/ Blue Mountain (OR)
Gavin Peterson Soldotna HS / Columbia Basin (WA)
Kaden Roettger Dimond HS/Dimond Post 21/ Everett (WA)
Ronan Klancher Service HS/Service Post 28/Green River (WA)
Cooper Bailey-Parsons Service HS/Service Post 28/ Olympic (WA)
Chris Malagodi Service HS/Service Post 28/ Olympic (WA)
Balas Buckmaster East HS/East Post 34/ Pierce (WA)
Ethan Wolfe Lathrop HS/North Pole Post 30/ Treasure Valley (OR)
Chase Subitch South HS Yakima Valley (WA)

List of players courtesy of Van Williams, Alaska American Legion Baseball

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