Confidential report identifies financial struggles inside Iditarod

ANCHORAGE, AK (KTUU) In December, a confidential report was produced by the Foraker group, touching on issues inside the Iditarod Trail Committee.

“If action is not taken and soon, it is Foraker’s opinion that ITC will lose major sponsors, have less revenue and may accept that it can no longer be the leading event for the sport of dog mushing,” writes Dennis McMillian of The Foraker Group in the report.

Major sponsors are now requesting this report to be widely released by the Iditarod Trail Committee, to better understand decisions it was making.

The report found a lack of direction inside the organization, plus trust issues from volunteers, sponsors, and mushers towards the ITC.

The assessment also reveals revenue concerns, claiming money from large sponsors is not enough to make sure volunteers can do their jobs, and bigger purse sizes for mushers.

At the conclusion of the report, recommendations were made to the ITC regarding trust and communication with sponsors, and eliminating conflicts of interest among board members.

“The ITC Board is committed to doing what is best for the Race today and for the future,” wrote the ITC Board of Directors in a response on January 26th. “We realize that it is critically important to have all of our stakeholders working together for the best interests of the Iditarod."

Recently the Iditarod lost Wells Fargo as a sponsor.

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