West and South no stranger to pressure filled moments ahead of semifinal showdown

Anchorage (KTUU) The last time that South was in the semifinals against West was in 2011.
South won that game by 2 points. However, knowing that they haven't been in the playoffs as much in the past few years as West isn't shaking their confidence.

"We prep for who we’re playing for but we’re focused on ourselves. We’re not going to worry about who we’re going against, we’ve got our plan and we’re going to go out there and execute," South senior Cody Konop said.

10 straight years. That's the streak that West owns for making it to the semifinals of football playoffs. So much success, that some of the other coaches are calling West's Tim Davis's teams a little bit of a dynasty.

"Yeah, the Bill Belichick of Alaska, Tim Davis, it's scary. Tim's a buddy of mine, I think the world of him, personally and professionally, but we tell the kids all the time, you wanna be the best? You gotta beat the best," South head coach Walter Harmon said.

For Davis, it's about the Eagles focusing on one thing and one this only, themselves.

"I don't think there’s any nerves when you know what you're doing out there," West senior quarterback Josh Stoltz said. "If you play your own game and we play how West plays, everything will take care of itself. There's really no nerves for us."

One thing is for certain, West and South is a game you will not want to miss.