What is the most important piece of a budget compromise?


 There's been a lot of action -- and inaction -- in state government lately and its generated a lot of discussion among Alaskans. 

With potential bills going to the governor and legislature soon, we want to know what our viewers feel is the most important piece of a budget compromise. 

This is an unofficial, unscientific survey, so take the results with a grain of salt. 

1.What's the most important part of a budget compromise?*
Balancing the budget
Maintaining funding for education and other state services
Paying out the full statutory $3000 PFD
Other (please specify)
2.What is the best way to close the budget shortfall?*
Imposing a statewide tax, such as an income tax
Reducing spending on state services
Reducing PFD payouts
Closing corporate tax loopholes and cutting incentives
Encouraging new economic investment
Other (please specify)
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