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About Us

A Friendly and Patient Kids' Dentist in Anchorage, AK

When you're looking for a children's dentist you can trust in Anchorage, turn to the team at Alaska Dentistry for Kids. We are here to serve all of your children's dentistry needs.  From using cutting-edge preventative techniques to encouraging a sense of pride when it comes to dental health, everything we do is to encourage good dental health and a lifelong relationship that encourages good oral hygiene.

Our Services

From the very beginning
We have patients of all ages, including the very young. If your infant has trouble latching on when nursing, an upper lip tie or tongue tie can be the culprit. We offer laser correction for this. Having ties corrected can also prevent orthodontic problems later on. We're here to give you instruction on proper care for your child's gums and teeth.

Throughout childhood

We take great measures to ensure that every patient feels comfortable in our office. We want our patients to have good experiences. From routine cleanings and checkups to dental x-rays, root canals and emergency procedures, we can take care of your child's dental needs throughout his or her youth. We offer consultations, fillings, extractions, crowns and orthodontic referrals.

We treat those with special needs
We demonstrate compassion and care when treating our patients who have physical and mental disabilities. Our office is fully equipped with a wide variety of accommodations. We believe it is important to ensure that everyone is comfortable in our office.

Meet Dr. Chris Coplin

Dr. Chris Coplin is dedicated to ensuring that children get the best dental care available. Our focus of practice is dental health for infants, children and individuals with special needs. We seek to educate parents as to the best course of action for providing dental care for their children. We are the preferred provider for MetLife, United Cordia, Medicaid, and Denali Kid Care. 

Meet our Team

We strive to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for everyone who comes into our office because it is important to us that children have a positive experience with us. You'll find every member of our staff professional, knowledgeable and caring. Call us today to schedule your child's appointment.