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About Us

Sight can start with glasses and contacts, however, vision is the brain process that lies behind the eyes.  After many years of practice and not being able to address the full visual process, we decided to open a clinic that can take vision to the next level.

We Provide...

Primary Eye Care Exams

An extensive examination of the eye health and visual system with our specialized knowledge of the whole body’s impact on how we see.


Eyewear - Styling and Consulting

Tailoring spectacles for an individual’s specific needs through examination, discussion, and product selection. Come browse our many frame lines exclusive to Alaska, and children’s optical section.


Contact Lenses - Fitting and Options

Complementing lives through the functionality of contact lenses, for necessity or convenience, contacts can be life enhancing or changing.


Neuro-Perceptual Therapy

When vision needs go beyond the limits of glasses and contacts, we offer neuro-perceptual evaluations and treatments.


Traumatic Brain Injury Visual Recovery Treatment

Retraining the visual system from the effects of diplopia (double vision), photophobia (light sensitivity), loss of concentration or depth perception, or other visual problems that can result from a TBI.


Sports Vision Training

Vision training that can take an athlete to the next level by improving visual response times, eye-hand coordination, peripheral vision awareness, and more.