Anchorage mayor asks lawmakers to look at community dividend

Alaska delegation absent from brief against abortion

Trumps wish Americans 'Merry Christmas' as they mark holiday

Body armor donated to Wyoming sheriff's K9 officer

BP Alaska to pay $125K fines over hazardous waste violations

More funding needed to maintain Alaska earthquake sensors

Alaska flights continued to be cancelled after cyber attack

Kenai Peninsula Borough to offer community emergency training

Judge declines to dismiss challenge to session location law

Alaska borough mayor aims to ban smoking in public parks

Alaska ski coach suspended amid domestic violence claims

Alaska state officials expect to miss air pollution deadline

Man gets prison for stealing lemur from California zoo

Unexploded aerial bomb detonated by Fort Wainwright soldiers

Pastafarian pastor leads prayer at Alaska government meeting

High-capacity magazines get new scrutiny as Congress returns

United removes Boeing Max from schedule until mid-December

Book tries to show how US democracy hurt Native Americans

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