AMCO investigates Houston cultivator for pesticide use

Anchorage voters to decide next year on retail marijuana on-site consumption

Bethel city officials could stop pot companies from opening

Anchorage Assembly weighs public safety and on-site inhalation of marijuana

Alaska marijuana industry cites tax concerns

Anchorage Assembly gives in-store edible cannabis consumption the green light

Proposed on-site marijuana ordinance 'could go either way'

On-site marijuana consumption work sessions, public hearing ahead for assembly

Alaska marijuana regulators vent over investigative help

Alaska marijuana regulators to consider onsite use tweaks

Dunleavy not planning marijuana board repeal this session

Path for onsite cannabis consumption in Anchorage may be slow and sticky

Brands roll with stoner 'holiday' as pot legalization grows

Fairbanks City Council postpones onsite marijuana consumption

Pioneering legal pot states aim to ease rules on industry

Fairbanks mayors disagree on marijuana use at retail stores

Dunleavy appoints marijuana critic to pot board

Emmett says he's being replaced on Alaska marijuana board

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