The warming climate shown in stripes

Skies clear with summer almost here

Cooler and cloudier today but don't worry because it will not last very long

Storms push through the area but we still could stay dry

Cooler weather helps firefighting efforts, sun returns mid-week

Cooler, cloudy, rain. Southcentral sees weather changes

A weather pattern flip brings clouds back into the picture, could affect fires

Sunshine into Friday, increasing clouds Saturday

Record low sea ice, warmer sea surface temperatures, repeat: why the Arctic keeps melting

A friendly face makes an appearance after a short respite

Storms bring early morning showers to Anchorage

Warm June days lead to showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening.

Our weather pattern changes but you would not think so

So close you can count its moons

Maybe the nicest day of the year today

Summer is on. Weather is good. Thunderstorms shift east.

A sunny day starts the peak period of daylight

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