For the first time in months, Utqiaġvik will see the sun, but not for long

Warm, wet and windy winter weather...again

The recent cold snap in Anchorage looks to be over on Tuesday

Monday kicks off the start of warmer temperatures this week in Anchorage

Once in a blue moon, we have a Super Wolf Blood moon

Lunar eclipse forecast: Clear, cold and maybe some fog across parts of the state

Dense Fog Advisory through noon Saturday for Anchorage

Dense fog lingers in Anchorage, with temps dipping down all day

Sunshine likely through the weekend with colder temperatures

We can look forward to more sunshine but cooler temperatures

Sunshine and clear days ahead for much of Alaska

Nearby storms keep Anchorage warm, cloudy and windy Wednesday

Sun and 20s for Anchorage Tuesday

Cold air retreats, milder winter weather for the week ahead in Southcentral Alaska

Storms take Anchorage from freezing to above average temps

Storms arrive over the weekend, and scour out the cold air.

Truth Test: Do these 'life hacks' hack it for Alaska's window ice?

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