Aleuts revisit the suffering of WWII internment camps

Aleuts revisit the suffering of WWII internment camps

A little known point in history, 75 years ago, U.S. government agents took hundreds of Alaskans from their homes, relocated them thousands of miles away, and then forced them to stay there for two years in camps with substandard living conditions and limited supplies. In present day, many Aleut people make a rare return trip to the camps, in order to see what their ancestors experienced and pay their respects.

Temperatures stay warm across most of the state

The sunshine returns to Alaska with warm temperatures and dry conditions through the rest of the week.

Smoke from Swan Lake Wildfire affects fishermen, drivers, Anchorage residents

Officials are advising against strenuous activities in smoky areas due to heavy smoke from Kenai Peninsula wildfires.

Don't worry even with clouds and smoke early

Highs in the mid 70's on Tuesday with mostly sunny skies.

Baby finishes 50-state road trip in Alaska

Five-month-old Evelyn Woods landed in Alaska with her family Friday, officially checking off all 50 states from her list.

International speaker on how porn impacts relationships

Gene McConnell speaks about what he calls his addiction to porn; how it impacted his family life, and how parents can approach the topic of pornography with their children.

Slam'n Salm'n Derby

Anchorage's king salmon derby on Ship Creek ended on July 23rd, with thousands of dollars of prizes awarded to the top anglers. Proceeds from this event benefited the Downtown Soup Kitchen.