Holiday feast for dogs

Drool Central hosted its first holiday feast for dogs. Courses included wild Alaskan salmon, chicken and dog Guinness.

More snow to finish the weekend

Cold across western Alaska and snow returns to Southcentral.

Teachers prepare to welcome students back to class following massive earthquake

After a week of Anchorage School District students being out of class, educators prepared on Sunday to welcome them back to school.

Feeding fowl and gathering eggs

Williwaw Elementary students learn life lessons caring for chickens.

Know Your Rights: Gun Ownership

Alaskans may be better versed on the U.S. Constitutions Second Amendment supporting gun rights than they are on other amendments in the Bill of Rights.

An all new Star

The 7th "Star the Reindeer" is the first male to hold his role as the unofficial mascot of Downtown Anchorage.

Houston Middle returns to class in Houston High

Forced to close for the year after the Nov. 30 earthquake, Houston Middle School is co-locating with it's neighbor, Houston High