A judge following the law faces public backlash

"I think we are all surprised that masturbating on somebody is not a sex crime under Alaska law," said Alaska Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth.

Practice makes perfect: Alaska students prepare for potential emergencies

In Michelle booth's 2nd-grade class students are testing their emergency preparedness skills.

Slain taxi driver remembered by family

Family and friends of Bruce Orton remember him as a loving family man who wanted to retire to write.

Communications during a disaster

A look at the radio systems police & fire departments would use, and whether your cell phone would continue to work after a disaster.

Alaskan kids audition for 'Molly of Denali'

On Sunday, Alaskan youngsters auditioned for the PBS series 'Molly of Denali,' an animated show centered around a young Alaska Native girl.

72 Hour Disaster Can

How to make a 3-day supply of food for your vehicle, boat, or plane.