Dash cam video shows what happened before Wednesday's standoff

Anchorage police responded to a shooting at 13th and Ingra around 2:30 yesterday. When they arrived, they were notified the victim had been transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Staying warm when the power goes out

It doesn't have to be a catastrophic event to put you at risk in the middle of winter. Keeping warm is one of the first priorities when the power goes out.

Our latest storm weakens but still provides ample rain and winds

We warm up to 47 degrees on Tuesday but we will be cloudy with a 60% chance of numerous scattered showers

ConocoPhillips Visits North Slope Villages

Alaska's largest oil company is making the rounds to communities near it's oil and gas activities in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. In this meeting, they talk with residents of Anaktuvuk Pass about the upcoming exploration season.

Practice makes perfect: Alaska students prepare for potential emergencies

In Michelle booth's 2nd-grade class students are testing their emergency preparedness skills.

Slain taxi driver remembered by family

Family and friends of Bruce Orton remember him as a loving family man who wanted to retire to write.

Communications during a disaster

A look at the radio systems police & fire departments would use, and whether your cell phone would continue to work after a disaster.