Behind the Badge calendar features APD women

Behind the Badge calendar features APD women

This year's Behind the Badge calendar features women of the Anchorage Police Department living their lives outside the department. Video by photojournalist AJ Lucero.

Click it or ticket campaign

Anchorage police officers have give out 866 seat belt violations in the past month, according to APD.

young moose calf squares off with a parking lot sign

young moose calf sparring with parking lot sign courtesy of D Reed

Roadtrippin': Taking on Seward's Folly Burger

All of the traveling has made Derek and Grant hungry, but maybe not hungry enough for the five-pound burger challenge that theyll find at the West Rib Pub and Grill in downtown Talkeetna.

104 Year-old cottage restoration

Tina Sellers Wareham works for the Alaska Railroad Corporation and the cottage that her and her husband Andrew Wareham just bought was built as a bunkhouse for railroad workers over 100 years ago. With some help from Tina's father in-law Lee Wareham, the three of them have begun to restore this little gem from Anchorage's history. And though this project is about preserving the past, Tina say's it's also about the their connection to the Alaska Railroad.

Sunshine moves in Wednesday, hot and dry in the Interior

Temperatures warm up across the Interior and Southcentral over the middle part of the week.

Kelter and U.S. womens rugby clinch Olympic berth

Over the weekend Eagle Rivers Alev Kelter and the U.S. womens rugby sevens clinched an Olympic berth.