Therapeutic court graduate shares journey

Therapeutic court graduate shares journey

Alaska's therapeutic courts offer an alternative to those facing felony DUI charges. KTUU profiles a graduate of the program.

Coast Guard members honor those laid to rest at JBER

Coast Guard members stationed at JBER planted 65 Coast Guard flags at the Ft. Richardson National Cemetery in preparation for Memorial Day.

New laws set in place could slow down homeless camp cleanup

It's been a contentious process for years clearing the illegal settlements while not destroying the few possessions the homeless have.

Winds lessen while clouds slowly move off

Highs near 60 degrees on Friday with mostly cloudy skies.

Beaver photo bombs traffic stop

A beaver waddled onto the Glenn highway as APD makes a traffic stop...everyone looked..even the beaver!

Thursday Evening Weather KTUU 5-23-19

Friday sunshine, before a cloudy, showery weekend