2 on 2: Dee Dee Jonrowe

2 on 2: Dee Dee Jonrowe

At least one more hot day is in store for us

While under mostly sunny skies Anchorage warms into the mid 70's.

A Cancer support group has been helping women for the past 17 years

Women Listen is a nonprofit organization that has been going strong since 2002. It was founded after a group of women diagnosed with different cancers wanted to come to the same support group.

One more day of sun, then clouds return

Anchorage has one more day of sun expected before the clouds move back into the area. Increased chances of rain by the end of the week.

Family challenges homeless stereotypes in Anchorage

A Ketchikan family moves to Anchorage to escape drugs, challenging homeless stereotypes along the way.

Watch out for bee swarms in Anchorage

A large hive of bees took up a new home inside the wall of Spenard Building Supply Store and needed to be removed.

Trio of Alaska Women conquer famous Chugach route

Abby Jahn, Julianne Dickerson and April McAnly became the first group of women to conquer Cosmic Integration route in the Chugach Mountains under 24 hours.