Not done with the rain and snow in Anchorage

Not done with the rain and snow in Anchorage

While we saw a bit of blue sky Friday afternoon, more rain and snow showers are expected through the weekend.

Wednesday evening Weather KTUU 9-18-19

Thursday is a brief break from the rain. Key word: brief.

Winds and wetting rain today

While under mostly cloudy rainy skies Wednesday Anchorage warms to near 56 degrees.

Class on making reusable bags to be held in Downtown Anchorage

A free class on making reusable bags will be held in downtown Anchorage on Wednesday.

Tuesday Evening Weather KTUU 9-17-19

No shortage of September rain!

Anchorage cat dies in a trap on neighbor's lawn

Diana Pullar never expected that her missing cat would have met its end the way it did.

Slick early, dry today but rain and wind tonight

While under partly cloudy skies Tuesday Anchorage warms to near 58 degrees.