Junior Olympic Trap and Skeet Competition

Mon Apr 22 19:07:48 PDT 2019

Junior Olympic Trap and Skeet Competition

Sharp shooting was on display for the final day of the Alaska State Junior Olympic Trap and Skeet Competition

Neighbor comments on man killed in shooting with Wasilla police

She said they were friendly neighbors. He was always polite. Her daughter babysat his kids. Then, the unimaginable happened ... and she doesn't understand why.

Outdoor Alaska: Dimishing sea ice prompts polar bear behavior changes

Polar bears are taking two different approaches to diminishing sea ice in the Beaufort Sea, and both alternatives carry their own risk.

Proposed legislation would require mental health curriculum in Alaska schools

Tobacco, drugs, alcohol and safe sex are often talked about in schools, but what about depression, anxiety, or thoughts of suicide? Proposed legislation aims to expand the conversation on mental health.

Early flurries but we dry off and cool down

While under partly cloudy skies Thursday in Anchorage we will see a high near 8 degrees.

Falling Iguana Forecast? Yes, its true!

Temperatures will drop overnight in S. Florida, and that may not be the only thing "dropping".

104-year-old cottage restoration

Tina Sellers Wareham works for the Alaska Railroad Corporation and the cottage that she and her husband Andrew Wareham just bought was built as a bunkhouse for railroad workers over 100 years ago. With some help from Tina's father in-law, Lee Wareham, the three of them have begun to restore this little gem from Anchorage's history. And though this project is about preserving the past, Tina says it's also about their connection to the Alaska Railroad.