New scholarships for ROTC students

Tue May 07 23:42:38 PDT 2019

New scholarships for ROTC students

Jada Glaves says she is excited to jump into an opportunity offered by the Alaska Army National Guard.

Heard a few rumbles of thunder that could lead to some showers

Mostly cloudy in Anchorage on Saturday night with a low of 53 degrees.

Friday Evening Weather KTUU 7-10-20

Clouds, showers and rain still expected over the weekend.

Dry today but tomorrow looks to be different

Partly to mostly cloudy in Anchorage on Friday with a high of 68 degrees.

Thursday Evening Weather KTUU 7-9-20

Hello again, Rain. Wet weather through the weekend.

We dry off as well as the sun making an appearance

Partly sunny in Anchorage on Thursday with a high of 69 degrees.