Friday Evening Weather KTUU 5-24-19

Friday Evening Weather KTUU 5-24-19

Hot and dry in the Interior, cloudy, windy and wet for Southern Alaska

Monday Evening Weather KTUU 7-15-19

Cool, wet weather through mid-week

Finally some relief from the rain but now we get windy

Anchorage will warm up to 67 degrees on Monday with cloudy rainy skies.

Kincaid Race Track

Motocross track reopens

Palmer farm teaches importance of self reliance

Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm in Palmer wants the public to understand the importance of self-reliance.

Sunday Evening Weather KTUU 7-14-19

Much needed moisture for southern Alaska. Thanks for the rain!

Anchorage park commemorates 414 victims lost to violent crime

Hostetler Park in Anchorage commemorates the lives of victims of violent crimes.