Friday Evening Weather KTUU 5-24-19

Friday Evening Weather KTUU 5-24-19

Hot and dry in the Interior, cloudy, windy and wet for Southern Alaska

Cooler and cloudier today but don't worry because it will not last very long

Highs in the mid 60's on Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies.

Bear trash Ordinance

An ordinance scheduled for public comment Tuesday aims to keep bears out of the trash.

Night life in Rabbit Creek

A bear and cubs caught in the act of climbing trees in Rabbit Creek. Video shot by Michael LoMonaco.

Roadtrippin' crew tries the sourtoe cocktail

Roadtrippin' goes toe-to-toe with some of the wildest traditions of the north.

Clouds for another day, then more sun and warmer

Southcentral and the whole state will see a warm up starting mid-week. Anchorage will be back in the low 70s, the Interior in the mid-80s.