Storms bring early morning showers to Anchorage

Storms bring early morning showers to Anchorage

Highs in the upper 60's on Wednesday with mostly cloudy skies.

A lightning show for SW Alaska

Thunderstorms, with impressive clouds and lightning roll through western Alaska overnight

Tuesday Evening Weather KTUU 7-16-19

Warmer temperatures over the next few days

Students, Faculty discuss UA's budget crisis

Reaction from students and professors after the Board of Regents voted to delay the declaration of financial exigency. (KTUU)

Camp Shriver takes Special Olympics athletes to new heights

Camp Shriver is a two-week Special Olympics summer sports camp for middle schoolers and high schoolers, both with and without intellectual disabilities. Video by Channel 2 multimedia journalist Beth Verge.

DOT: This years construction projects are still a go

A statement released Saturday by the DOT, the department said that the projects currently in construction this year will not be affected by the current capital budget impasse.

Finally some relief from the rain but now we get windy

Anchorage will warm up to 67 degrees on Monday with cloudy rainy skies.