Skies clear with summer almost here

Skies clear with summer almost here

Highs in the mid to upper 60's on Wednesday with mostly sunny skies.

Friday Evening Weather KTUU 7-19-19

Smoky, but warm over the weekend


Patrick Enslow brings you the sights and sounds of day three of the World Eskimo and Indian Olympics

Goverment Hill Historic Wireless Building

Decades ago, getting information in and out of the territory of Alaska depended on the telegraph. One of the key telegraph offices was in government hill... And it still exists today. Channel 2 photojournalist Joshua Maxwell tells us about an effort to preserve the history of what was once a key link between Alaska and the rest of the country.

Cooling down but still smoky today

While under partly cloudy skies Anchorage warms into the low 70's

Roe Collection

The William Jack Hernandez Hatchery had their first king salmon egg-take of the season Thursday

Alaska Waste trying out curbside organics program

Alaska Waste is testing out its new curbside organics program in Anchorage, giving residents the opportunity to have their organic waste picked up from their homes to be composted.