Skies clear with summer almost here

Skies clear with summer almost here

Highs in the mid to upper 60's on Wednesday with mostly sunny skies.

Local and federal players re-vamping ocean debris cleanup

Ocean debris is a global crisis, experts say, impacting Alaska more than any other U.S. state. Local and federal players are working to address the buildup of debris along Alaskas shorelines.

Termination dust, chilly temps, but little rain

Anchorage is seeing some snow in the mountains but we get a few days before the next rain system moves through.

Juneau shocks Chugiak and West rolls over Dimond in Week 6

Juneau shocks Chugiak and West rolls over Dimond in Week 6 of high school football

Troops "take" Adak, Ak for Arctic training

The 2019 AECE program is preparing the NAVY, Marines & USCG for gorwing interest in Arctic military operations. (KTUU)

'Something has to be done': Mother calls for safer walking routes

Something needs to be done about this intersection, April Eide said. Its so big, and drivers think they're more important than the kid crossing. What they need to think about is 'What if it was their child?'"

Bob Ross gold pan painting

If you were to find one of these paintings in your basement, you'd have a happy little bank account. Channel Two's Eric Sowl had the chance to see some rare Alaska artwork that came and went so fast, if you blinked, you missed it.