Historic and endangered properties of Anchorage

Wed Jun 19 23:59:10 PDT 2019

Historic and endangered properties of Anchorage

There are three historic properties in Anchorage that are on Alaska's ten most endangered list and while they may not be a large part of our daily lives, the stamp they have left on Alaska's timeline has not faded. Architect Sam Combs with Alaska Historic Preservation and Retired Archeologist Debra Corbett with U.S. Fish and Wildlife show us around some of these relics of the last frontier.

Wednesday Evening Weather KTUU 7-1-20

Sunny and warm for the southcentral to southeast.

The Anchorage Public Library has partially reopened, take a look at what’s changed

The library’s five locations will now offer limited in-person services as well.

The rain ended yesterday and now our sun starts to shine

Partly cloudy in Anchorage on Tuesday with a high of 63 degrees.

The days of a physical car key could be numbered!

There is nothing worse then misplacing your car keys when you are in a rush to go somewhere, BMW is looking to change that and if you thought changing your batteries was hard imagine doing it in space. That and more in today's Tech Beat with Austin Sjong. Copyright 2020 KTUU. All rights reserved.

Fairview Homeless Porta Potties

Since the Sullivan Arena has been repurposed for homeless housing, the neighboring community of Fairview has been dealing with the problem of human waste due to lack of public bathrooms.

The rain ends but we stay cloudy today

Mostly cloudy in Anchorage on Monday with a high of 62 degrees.