Farmers enjoy a warm, dry summer in Alaska

Farmers enjoy a warm, dry summer in Alaska

The conditions this summer have served farmers in the valley well. High quality crops are coming in fast, from Mackenzie Point to the Butte.

The 9th Army Band

The 9th Army Band has been in Anchorage for the past few years. They've been going out to schools and holding community concerts. Their next concert is in Sitka for the Alaska Day Festival in October. The Morning Edition's Samie Solina has the story.

Wildfire Questions

Channel 2's Jill Burke gets to the bottom of some of your questions regarding the wildfires in our state.

Thursday Evening Weather KTUU 8-22-19

Warm and drought-dry conditions in Southcentral, Alaska.

Public radio funding

Three public radio stations providing updates on three large wildfires burning in Alaska will have their budgets slashed by the governor's vetoes.

Wednesday Evening Weather KTUU 8-21-19

Smoke, Fire, Flood - dealing with these three weather factors.