Bartlett gets first win of the season over Colony

Sun Sep 15 22:31:16 PDT 2019

Bartlett gets first win of the season over Colony

Bartlett gets first win of the season over Colony

Snow headed toward Southcentral this weekend

Clear skies again tomorrow around Southcentral but then clouds move in. Rain and snow for Southeast and Southwest.

Outdoor Alaska: McNeil River bear viewing permit application deadline closing soon

McNeil River boasts the largest concentration of brown bears in the world. The application deadline for a permit ends March 1 at midnight.

Lots of sunshine today but another cold night lies ahead

While under mostly sunny skies Thursday in Anchorage we will see a high near 22 degrees.

Instead of listening to the dark side of the moon we look at it.

NASA has released some incredible high res images of the far side of the moon. And a new lie detector test that uses the eyes. That and more in today's Tech Beat with Austin Sjong.

Snowmachine teams are part of winter routine for Anchorage Police Department

During the summer months, Anchorage police officers can often be found watching over local trails on bike. In the winter, the preferred mode of transportation is snowmachine.

Mirror Lake community holds surprise event for foster families

Their homes might be a little crowded, but their hearts have plenty of room to love and care for kiddos who need it.