Local and federal players re-vamping ocean debris cleanup

Sat Sep 21 20:19:10 PDT 2019

Local and federal players re-vamping ocean debris cleanup

Ocean debris is a global crisis, experts say, impacting Alaska more than any other U.S. state. Local and federal players are working to address the buildup of debris along Alaskas shorelines.


Windy over the Aleutians and Bering Sea. Clouds, rain-snow showers around Anchorage.

Indigenous Peoples Day

Alaska's Native people came together at Alaska Pacific University on October 14 to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day.

Our sun and calm ends with winds and clouds moving in today

While under mostly cloudy skies Tuesday Anchorage warms to near 40 degrees.

Study shows bird population plummeting in North America

Experts say 29 percent of birds have disappeared since the 1970s. What are those numbers like in Alaska?

Breast cancer survivor advocates for early screening

An Anchorage breast cancer survivor is advocating for early screening during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Owner rescues dog from river otter attack at Taku Lake

A group of river otters attacked and nearly drowned a dog at Taku Lake last Wednesday around 6 p.m.