Outdoor Alaska: Alevins hatching at Trail Lakes Hatchery

Fri Jan 17 10:00:45 PST 2020

Outdoor Alaska: Alevins hatching at Trail Lakes Hatchery

The hatchery's method for the Hidden Lake fish is to release unfed fry.

Raising awareness of child abuse, one act of kindness at a time

A woman living in Alaska has adopted her two sisters out of foster care following the death of their 5-year-old brother -- he was murdered by their father, and now the sisters are raising awareness of child abuse.

Another day of clear skies before the clouds move in

Anchorage will see another day of sunshine before the clouds move in on Tuesday. Temperatures will warm up then as well.

Florida boy's snowy wish granted in Alaska

It was ice, snow, and heavy equipment that made one child's dream come true at the Fairbanks Ice Art Park.

Howl Couture dog fashion show

Dogs of all shapes and sizes strutted down the catwalk Saturday in Anchorage.

Clouds move out, sunshine returns

The clouds move out and Southcentral will see another couple days of sunshine.

Snow, snow, and more snow leaves backlog of requests for MOA plowing teams

The Municipality of Anchorage is working to address streets throughout town after the holiday, heavy snowfall and other things left a backlog of work to do.