New Iron Dog Lager brewed for 2020 race

Fri Feb 14 23:16:05 PST 2020

New Iron Dog Lager brewed for 2020 race

The Iron Dog teamed up with Broken Tooth Brewing to create the Iron Dog Lager. The idea for the beer came from former Iron Dog board member Lee Butterfield and Broken Tooth brewer Dave Parker.

Friday Evening Weather KTUU 2-21-20

Storms depart, snow ends, sunshine & cooler temperatures follow.

Iron Dog #6: Team 7 leads at McGrath checkpoint

Iron Dog Team #7, Tyler Aklestad and Nick Olstad are the first team to the McGrath checkpoint arriving at 6:33 PM Friday night.

Another day of snow and warmth before we get cold and dry again

While under cloudy skies Friday in Anchorage we will see a high near 31 degrees.

Get Up and Gab 2-21-20

Get Up and Gab 2-21-20

SOY Toddler Sing along

At the Alaska Zoo parents bring their toddlers together every Monday to sing.

Thursday Evening Weather KTUU 2-20-20

A week of wild weather continues. Blizzard warning for areas on the west coast.