Youtube is reducing video quality worldwide.

Thu Mar 26 10:00:59 PDT 2020

Youtube is reducing video quality worldwide.

They are doing this so they don't collapse the internet with all of the recent streaming, and do you think that computers should have senses? That and more in today's Tech Beat with Austin Sjong. Copyright 2019 KTUU. All rights reserved.

Thursday Evening Weather KTUU 6-4-20

Thunderstorm activity could drift into Anchorage Friday

The Fishing Report: Fly Fishing for Halibut

Halibut on a fly rod? Why not?! Channel 2's Grant Robinson joins Homer native and DeepStrike Sportfishing captain David Bayes to catch some halibuts on the the fly rod.

Growing AK: the appeal of growing your own food

Dohnn and Kristi Wood both grew up in Alaska and didn't understand the joy of vegetables until they ate fresh.

Storms out of the north cloud us up but keep us warm

Mostly cloudy skies in Anchorage on Thursday with a high of 64 degrees.

Twentymile River whale finally swims free

A young gray whale that was stranded in Twentymile River was able to swim free during high tide Wednesday.

Wednesday Evening Weather KTUU 6-3-20

Sunshine early and summer breezes in the afternoon.