Fairview Homeless Porta Potties

Mon Jun 29 16:55:43 PDT 2020

Fairview Homeless Porta Potties

Since the Sullivan Arena has been repurposed for homeless housing, the neighboring community of Fairview has been dealing with the problem of human waste due to lack of public bathrooms.

Wet weather pushes through southern Alaska

Tuesday Evening Weather KTUU 7-7-20

Theater Summer Camp

With most performing arts events in Anchorage cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, one local theater group is safely hosting a summer camp for young people interested in the dramatic arts.

Attend to your plans today because rain showers arrive tomorrow

Cloudy in Anchorage on Tuesday with a high of 68 degrees.

A glimpse of Orca Island Cabins (RoadTrippin')

Eleven miles from Seward, Orca Island Cabins is a wonderful island getaway that some Alaskans may need.

Grand View Cafe

A part of Jackie's Roadtrippin' adventure!

Father Daughter take a walk day

National father daughter take a walk day promotes the family bond between a father and daughter along with physical activity.