The days of a physical car key could be numbered!

Tue Jun 30 05:09:16 PDT 2020

The days of a physical car key could be numbered!

There is nothing worse then misplacing your car keys when you are in a rush to go somewhere, BMW is looking to change that and if you thought changing your batteries was hard imagine doing it in space. That and more in today's Tech Beat with Austin Sjong. Copyright 2020 KTUU. All rights reserved.

Passport Advice

With delays at the passport office Channel 2 got advice from an expert on what to do if you are going to need a passport in the months ahead.

Great weather for the day before our holiday

Partly cloudy in Anchorage on Friday with a high of 75 degrees.

Pandemic triggers uptick in cargo operations at TSAIA

While the coronavirus pandemic nearly froze passenger plane travel in Alaska - and around the world - cargo traffic is beyond heavy in the state's largest city. Video by multimedia journalist Beth Verge.

Thursday Evening Weather KTUU 7-2-20

Look for warm and sunny weather around southcentral Alaska

Hot Dog

A "How To" for making the perfect hot dog for your July 4th celebration.